Mobile devices: Desktop killer?

Since the latter part of the 2000s, ‘smartphones’ smoothly sailed into the lives and pockets of most people in the western world. Previous to this, all of your social networking, browsing and emailing was done on a purpose made machine either in the form of a desktop computer or a laptop. Phones and tablets snook in and took over dominated the market seemingly overnight. Despite this, I am still sat at a computer at my desk typing away on my desktop. Now let’s find out why.

Smartphones are handheld, usually pocket friendly devices running a small but powerful operating system. They not only have the ability to send and receive text messages and voice call, but they are able to run a multitude of apps and have many features, including virtual assistants (in the shape of Cortana, Siri, Google assistant etc) media players, games and cameras. They have evolved to the point where they can pretty much replace computers in the home environment.

Computers are made up of the tower, monitor and peripherals like a mouse, keyboard and sometimes a printer. They consist of a fairly standard array of components, which include the motherboard, power supply, CPU and cooler, RAM units and a hard drive, either mechanical or SSD. This can be expanded exponentially, by adding optical drives, graphics card(s), sound card, PCI WiFi adapters and so on. The possibilities are endless. For the standard office use or home office use, you’ll probably spend a couple of hundred on the machine, but nothing too outrageous. For the gamer and enthusiast, you could spend thousands getting the absolute best machine you can buy. Or, you could buy a laptop. These offer less expandability and upgrade options, other than the HDD or RAM there’s not much more you can usually do.

In my opinion, I prefer the convenience and portability of a mobile device when I’m on the go, unless I’m typing a blog post where I would bring a laptop along. For word processing or anything similar, nothing beats a physical keyboard. If it comes as part of a laptop, a desktop or even a tablet, it’s a whole lot easier to use and more convenient. For on the go social networking, listening to music or even playing some games, the mobile device comes out on top.


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