Polaroid PIC-300: Polaroid’s rebirth?


Dubbed as the ‘modern version of the classic Polaroid instant camera you’ve grown to love’ by Polaroid’s website, the PIC-300 is their current instant print camera offering. It is available in four colours, prints 2.1×3.4” photos instantly. The camera is analogue with four settings for different light types. The rear has a viewfinder, a counter with how many prints are left on the film and a compartment in which you can insert the film

Using the camera

When you hold the camera, it is bulky and rather uncomfortable. It is in a whole other universe to the Canon DSLR that I’m used to. To turn on the camera, you have to pull out the lens, which feels bizarre to be honest. When you can get past this and actually get to take a picture, you will need to make sure it’s perfect, as there is no second chances. And with the film being expensive (around £1-1.50 per print) you won’t want them all coming out looking terrible. The photographs take a few minutes to develop, and you DO NOT want to shake them. I found this out the hard way. The photographs themselves are nothing to rave about, with their quality being reminiscent of the film cameras that went out around 15 years ago.


The camera itself being a little under £70 will not break the bank. The film is between £10-20 for ten prints, which is not as convenient as an SD card and you can probably print cheaper and better quality using this option.

But, this camera wasn’t intended to be a professional grade photography instrument, but a nostalgia icon. Polaroid is a huge nostalgia point for the 70’s-80’s, and that is what this camera is meant for. Bringing that nostalgia to the present day.


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