Linux OS Quick Post

So you have a computer, and most likely it will be running Windows, or if you bought a Mac, it will run MacOS. But what if you wanted to venture into other systems? What are your options?

If you’re looking for a free and open source operating system, Ubuntu is definitely your best option. Ubuntu is created and maintained by Canonical. Ubuntu is free, although you can donate to Canonical when you’re downloading the installer. You could go with one of the other flavours or ‘distros’ of Linux, but as I have used Ubuntu that is the only one I can currently recommend. There are many more that are popular, such as Debian, RedHat and even Chrome OS (which I reviewed as the Chromebook).

My best advice is to experiment with them, but don’t overwrite your main OS on your HDD, as Windows and Mac OS can be expensive to replace. Also do your research before you try any new operating systems and weigh up all of your options.


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